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Alpha 1 | Universal Cleaning Degreaser

Alpha 1 is a universal cleaner and a fast cleaning product. To be thinned with water and not toxic. Alpha 1 is easy to use, biological degradable and does not leave any scale. Alpha 1 can be used in restaurants, kitchens, hotels, schools, hospitals, merchant shipping and transport companies, industry, etc. Important to know is that Alpha 1 is a perfect product for the cleaning/maintenance of plastic surfaces.

Alpha 1 | Universal Cleaning Degreaser

  • •Cleaning/degreasing of kitchens, bars and restaurants

    •Grease, stuck on extractors/tiles

    •Atmospheric dirt on plastics

    •Ballpoint ink on various surfaces

    •Creosote on wood/clothes

    •Printing ink on various surfaces

    •Grass juices on surfboards/gardening tools

    •Stripes coming from black shoe soles on (sports)floors, heaters and walls

    •Nicotine residue on various surfaces

    •Soot residue on various surfaces

    •Weather stains on tarpaulin and canvas


VAT and shipping costs are not included

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